Ultimate Guitar site rules

Here at Ultimate Guitar, we value your thoughts and opinions. We encourage you to comment on every tab you use and every article you read. An honest comment and a fair rating can be very helpful to authors and other users. Remember, there are real human beings with real feelings behind most of the posts on Ultimate Guitar so please try to stay friendly and amicable with each other. Just because this is an online community, doesn't mean that you can treat anyone less decently than you would in face to face interactions.

Prohibited content

Content intended or likely to cause harm are not allowed, including but not limited to:

  • Illegal
  • Pornography
  • Violent or encourage violence
  • Personal or confidential information
  • Spam
  • Advertisement of any product

Learn more about Prohibited content.

Toxic behavior

It's prohibited to post or message offensive content, including but not limited to:

  • Personal attacks
  • Harassment
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Hateful speech
  • Vulgar or pornographic images

Learn more about Toxic behavior.

One account per user

Each person is only allowed to have one account on Ultimate Guitar. If you have unknowingly made multiple accounts in the past or you are aware that someone else using the same IP address has an Ultimate Guitar account or is planning on making one, PM a moderator.

Escalation of enforcement

Moderators and administrators are doing their best to communicate and enforce rules, as well as have the final say in interpretation and enactment of site rules. There are variety of ways to pursue justice including, but not limited to:

  • Removal or closing thread/posts
  • Asking you to calm down
  • Asking to be nice by sending a comment
  • Giving a warning if you didn’t understand a harmless comment
  • Giving you a ban (temporary or permanent) depending on a rule you broke
  • Removal of privileges from an account
  • Removal of content

Please note, two active warnings give you a temporary (60 days) ban.

Additional rules


Each subforum is its own community, so some places you post might be more or less strict about things like being on-topic. Check out the subforum rules or read some of the discussions going on there to get an idea of what's good before you post.

Retaliation or responding to flaming or insults are not an acceptable excuse for failing to follow the rules; report bad threads/posts and move on.

English is the primary language on this forum. Please avoid using other languages. If you must post in another language, please provide translations so other users can understand your post.

News, reviews and lessons

Do not complain about the article contents, the title of the article or the author. Doing so in the comments section is neither constructive nor helpful. If you have a suggestion for the site or would like to provide feedback about the content on UG, there are appropriate channels in the UG Forums to do so.

Insults towards bands, artists and genres are considered “bashing” and is not allowed. “This band sucks!” is an example of bashing and will not be tolerated. “I do not like this band because…” is acceptable and the correct way to express your opinion.

Authors community

We want tab ratings to represent tab quality as well as it's possible so we pay close attention to the rating process.

It's forbidden to:

  • Register additional accounts and rate tabs from them
  • Ask other users to vote for your tabs

Be honest, make quality tabs that follow the Ultimate Guitar Tablature Guide and they will sure be rated well.