Jorg Gray Custom Timepiece Giveaway!

Enter to win a brilliant Jorg Gray JG7800 Timepiece for the holidays!
The JG7800-22 is engineered to be the ultimate timepiece for hard working musicians who want a watch that makes a style statement and is crafted for life on the road.

- Jorg Gray JG7800-22 Timepiece
Valued at $595
Gibson + Orange Dream Team Giveway!

Enter to win Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Darkback guitar together with Orange TH30 amp head + PPC212C 2x12 speaker cab. Total MSRP is $9,264!

Contest ends : Nov 30, 2014
Win Awesome Obituary Goodies by Delivering a Killer Guitar Solo!

Submit your version of guitar solo to Obituary's new track "Violence" and win great prizes. The winner will be decided by the band themselves!

Contest ends : Dec 30, 2014

Contests Winners

  • D'Angelico EX-DC Guitar Giveaway winner is Keith Soreghen.
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Game Changer Guitar Giveaway winner is Nathan Andersen.
  • Dean Zelinsky Spyder Tagliare Z-Glide Custom Guitar Giveaway winner is John Nuckols.
  • Ultimate Metal Orange Amps Giveaway winner is Samantha Lea.
  • Fender American Strat Guitar Giveaway winner is Jeremiah Mitchell.
  • Music Man Axis Super Sport Guitar Giveaway winner is Kevin Thompson.
  • Music Man Game Changer HSH Guitar Giveaway winner is Christopher Mattys.
  • Above & Beyond Guitar Giveaway! winner is Eric Anthony.
  • Awolnation Premium Bundle Giveaway! winner is Agatha OKobi.
  • Skillet Giveaway Re-Connect! winner is Lisa Sheldon.